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MEGA Learning is going beyond the well-known advantages of business simulations to ensure relevant learning since:

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Our design process
ensures that what is to be learned is really relevant for the participants. Managers need academic knowledge that is linked with everyday life and that delivers immediate benefit
Our many off-the-shelf simulations
are often the best solution and provide meaningful business scenarios as a connecting thread.
Our customized simulations
have been unique in meeting the learning requirements of 29 customers
The business experience of our consultants
has been combined with the knowledge of our customers’ specialists to deliver greater value.
Our blended learning approach
exploits the flexibility of remote learning and the variety of the learning methods.
Aligning the learning journey with the strategy
and the learning objectives helps the participants to implement what they have learned.
Connecting the newly acquired knowledge
to our customers' reality optimizes the usefulness of the learning.

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If you want to integrate one of our simulations as a red thread to dynamise your courses, please contact Benoît Calicis by email info@megalearning.com or by telephone +32 2 395 78 79.
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25 years and 29 simulations customized for leading corporations and academic institutions

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A European network of developers and a global network of partners and consultants.

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Proven methods of design, development and delivery that have led to our impressive list of customers and partners.

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