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MEGA Learning works with the world's top universities and higher education institutions such as:

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The MEGA Learning simulations that are widely integrated in a great variety of courses from undergraduate to MBA level are:

Based on its experience in management development, MEGA Learning has developed a specific on-line business simulation appropriate for university, engineering and business school students.
The business game is very close to the reality of the world’s largest industry: the car industry! It takes into account the multiple challenges of designing, manufacturing and commercializing “the cars customers want”.
Students are organized in 3 to 10 competing teams, and run a billion-dollar car manufacturer operating in 2 regions in 4 car segments: low cost, green, family and image. Taking into account the specificities of these segments’ customers, they will make decisions relating to car engineering (performance, comfort, size, consumption, models, common parts), marketing (advertising, distribution channels, sales and after-sales), and manufacturing, also branching out into international merger and acquisition and solving financial solvency and liquidity issues.
Human Capital Challenge (HCC) is a break-through business game developed by MEGA Learning in partnership with HEC Paris. Human Capital Challenge provides participants with a holistic perspective on the importance of Human Capital in Business Strategy design and execution.
It integrates the multiple inter-dependencies between human capital and business performance. By using this business game, leaders are challenged to take the best decisions to leverage all these inter-dependencies, to create more value for their customers, and to optimize their company performance.
The Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University is running the HealthSquare simulation for its Executive Masters of Healthcare Management Programs (MHA and MPH).

Great for faculties

These three simulations have many features that make them a great teaching solution for faculties:
You don't need any downloads, set-ups, or separate workstation applications. All you need is a www-browser, Excel and internet connection. Multiple site flexibility.
Class size can vary from 30 to more than 1000 students and the simulation can be conducted in just a few days or over the whole semester.
MEGA Learning consultants are there to help you get started and to assist you during your course
Dynamically evolving markets and competitors' actions will trigger students' ability to create and re-create competitive strategies. Outstanding on-line graphics allow the students to analyze graphically a large number of graphics, to evaluate their competitive positions and to improve their decisions. Winning is hugely important to them. The more difficult it is, the greater the value of the win.

Let's extend our network !

MEGA Learning would like to extend its network of faculty professors who have business experience in some of the following subjects:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Talent Management
  • Human Capital
  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Change Management
  • Remote Team Management
If you are interested to attend a “Train The Trainers” session organized by MEGA Learning, please don’t hesitate to contact us, This will allow you to deliver the MEGA simulations to a high level of quality to which the whole organization is committed.

Online Simulations !

If you are interested to use one of the MEGA Learning’s online business simulations in your institution, please contact us :


TTT sessions

MEGA Learning provides "Train The Trainers" sessions for faculties that encompass:

  • A detailed user's manual with Power Points presentations
  • 2 days face to face with 2 facilitators
  • 6 decisions on line during 6 weeks with online support
  • Outstanding tools (Excel and on-line) to analyze the results and to ask the students the right questions
  • Graphic presentations to explain the results, summarize the learning and declare the winners (and the winners of the winners)
  • 1 day of Q&A before running the first simulation

HCC: The winning teams :

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