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I am still feeling excited after last week "European simulation event". It took place simultaneously on four ESCP Europe campuses (i.e. Berlin, London, Madrid and Paris) for 170 students enrolled in the "Master European Business". In March 2016, MEB academic director, gave MEGA Learning the challenge to "Europeanize" the Parisian induction/team building seminar. Over 6 months, we worked together with 7 professors from four campuses and GWJ, the technology "mastermind", to bring the event to live. We had to organize simultaneous campus presentations from the "studio" in Paris, professor's simulation training and support using Blackboard Collaborate, European feedback sessions, over two time zones, etc. And it worked! The Simulation involves teams of 5-6 students each, with each team operating a directly competing company in two different market (region 1 & 2) over 3 full days. The Teams “run” their companies making all the operating decisions over seven-years. Teams submit simultaneously their decisions for each operating cycle and receive prompt feedback from the Simulation faculty on the performance of their company in the context of the other competing companies and then proceed to prepare their decisions for the next operating cycle. Student's feedback supports the argument that simulation participants found the exercise to be the one of the most powerful and impactful learning events that they have experienced. Personally, I could strongly feel the European perspective and running "virtually" from Madrid to Berlin and London gave me a great sense of belonging to a unique European team building seminar. Just after the event, the professors were all enthusiastic about their participation:

  • It has been a great experience for the students and a great way for them to interact and get into a new group
  • We confirm that also from the London campus perspective everything went great. A lot of fun, multicultural team work, and transversal learning.
  • Paris Universe had very impressive levels of engagement. I have rarely seen such interest and concentration in an amphitheater as we had in Paris for MEGA's Merger briefing. In general I think the multiplex added to a corporate/ global feeling for the event.
  • Also a very positive feedback from Berlin. We enjoyed the game! Thanks for a great game
  • I am proud that I can tell my colleagues here in Berlin and MEB/MBA students or any prospects during concourse sessions in the future that I have been part of this great (almost historical) moment!
Reading these comments, as a side effect, it was also a fantastic "professors’ team building activity"! Closing the experience, we have declared winning teams per universe and one European winner of the winners who got fantastic results - some records were broken last week in ESCP Europe! What else can I say... WE MADE IT!!!

Benoît Calicis, MEGA Learning Mananaging Director

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