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Online or in-class, solo or as a team, Business Odyssey is your flexible learning solution to get what business is all about in no time while having fun. Create your value proposition, review your value chain and validate your profit equation to establish yourself as the top player in your industry.

Customer Value Challenge
the business model
of a top-player


Define your strategy through the lense of your value proposition: assess what has value for your customers and what makes your offer unique on two lines of product.​


Detail the implementation of your value proposition. Some of the questions you’ll be asking yourself are how to reach out to your customers, how to become visible and how to be their first buying choice.​


Once your value proposition and its architecture no longer have secrets for you, visualize how they impact your profit equation and find the perfect balance between profitability and unicity to win over your markets.​
Real-life takeaway

Learn what business is all about in 3 hours. An effective, engaging and flexible game to learn strategy, entrepreneurship and marketing

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  • “A great opportunity to reshape a business model in a very short period of time”

    Pamella Henderson | Student - Corvinus Business School

  • My initial question: How could I optimize the capital employed? I ended up with an amazing ROCE

    Michael Fournier | Head of Training - MGEN

  • “Companies should focus on one of two business model components: Value Proposition and Value Architecture.”

    Alexander Strauss | Student - Corvinus Business School

Business Odyssey
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