Customer Value challenge

Starting from the customer, lead and manage a car manufacturer producing four ranges of cars in a global environment. Strive for the best competitive advantage and business results by optimizing the cost structure of your company.

Customer Value Challenge
Compete with a
marketing mind


Optimize your four-product portfolio by finding the right balance between product development and customer reach. Design a value proposition that matches the profile of potential buyers.


With your strategy in mind, explore the impact of your investment choices on your cost structure: find the perfect equilibrium to provide the best products out there while ensuring profitability for your company.​


Go one step further with one of our two add-ons: go global and merge with other players to open new markets and become even more competitive, or increase your knowledge of corporate finance by adding in new variables to your decision-making.​
Real-life takeaway

Don't ask yourself what your businesses can do for you, but what you can do for it. By focusing on corporate profitability, invest in enterprise-wide differentiating capabilities, then fill in portfolios with businesses that gain the most from their unique mix of customer attractiveness and costs optimization.

check our clients experience
  • The only real mistake we did was not investing in the eco-friendly market

    Henry James | Student - Westminster University

  • “Even if the odds were not in our favor, we won the game by establishing a leading position globaly”

    John Musk | Student - ESCP Europe

  • “By focusing on operation excellence, we ended up with the best ROCE”

    Enzo van Houder | Student - Nijenrode University

customer value challenge
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