Fundamentals Of Finance

Learn your way through the dynamics of a company’s financial statements and lead your business to success. Aim for optimal business performance by closely understanding and monitoring fundamental financial KPIs.

Fundamentals Of Finance
Be the CFO that will
revamp the company


As in other simulations of our suite, think of the future of your product lines: how do you want to position yourself on the market compared to other actors?​


Develop a good command of the financial KPIs that help you assess the feasibility and the profitability of your business choices. Plan your business strategy accordingly.​


Define your metrics, monitor your finance needs and reach an optimal balance between your cash and your profitability, while becoming the leading company on your markets.
Real-life takeaway

Learn Strategic financial management with a long term view considering the strategic goals of the enterprise. Make smart investment and financing decisions; optimize your cash, debts and working capital.

check our clients experience
  • "A well-constructed numerical estimate is worth a thousand words."

    Albert Schultz | CFO - Total Benin

  • “Funding was key for ou growth in the game and required a very precise forecast of our working capital”

    Bart Collins | R&D Engineer - Nexans High Voltage

  • “Working capital is like your diet; if you do not manage it, then it can kill you.”

    Daniel Latuile | Product Manager - Imerys

fundamentals of finance
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