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MEGA Learning and MCE

MEGA Learning has been a partner of Management Center Europe for more than 20 years and has been serving MCE customers such as Akzo Nobel, Carlsberg, Maersk... In 2016, MCE has selected MEGA Learning to become its business simulation game provider for the 5 day mini MBA, an open program being delivered 12 times a year. Within the program and thanks to the simulation, participants learn how to

  • Understand how a corporation works with a multi-functional overview of a business and key leadership competences necessary for success
  • Develop strategic thinking, planning and execution skills at a divisional or functional level, using appropriate tools and frameworks
  • Make better business decisions and improve your contribution to the business
  • Be able to read the business environment and translate changes into competitive strategies for sustainable growth
  • Support strategic goals from top management and to be able to translate them for your area and implement them more efficiently
  • Better implement strategy through the people in their teams
  • Sharpen their business and collaboration skills by actively working in teams on a business simulation synchronized with the daily classroom subjects and getting progressively

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We want to expand !

The MEGA Learning group wants to expand further and faster. To bring about this critical expansion and extend geographic coverage, the group is looking for additional partners throughout the world. MEGA Learning offers partners who have already developed a training relationship with corporate universities a genuine opportunity for extending their existing range and developing appreciably their business. We offer “Train The Trainers” sessions to help your people to sell, design and deliver outstanding learning journeys with the MEGA simulations as a connecting thread.
If you are interested in working with MEGA Learning, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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