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Fundamentals of Finance is a business simulation that provides executives with a comprehensive introduction to accounting and financial analysis. Participants gain an understanding of the financial consequences of strategic decisions.
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Learning Journey

Fundamentals of Finance is in a vast majority of cases delivered fully remotely. The learning journey includes videos, live webinars, quizzes and of course decisions made in teams within the game
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Outstanding User Experience

Fundamentals of Finance relies on an astonishing interface that allows students to analyze graphically a large amount of data, to evaluate their competitive position and to improve their decisions. Exercises and quizzes are embededded within the game.
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What participants say

Lvinaya Bochenek: "Enrolling in Fundamentals of Finance Program was a valuable investment for me. In addition to broadening my perspective on technical knowledge on strategic investments and other essential financial skills, the Program has helped me grow both professionally and personally."

Customer satisfaction

Total and Nexans, two leading French companies have been among the first major users of Fundamentals of Finance in 2016 and have already enrolled more than 200 participants for 2018.

Flexibility of our learning solutions

Lasting from two days to two months, for twelve to one hundred participants, contact us to learn how we can customize this program for you.

Design with us


MEGA Learning is ready to design a specific learning journey with Fundamentals of finance for you

Develop with us


We're ready to develop specific sessions and customize the simulation to connect with your own reality.

We Deliver for You!


Our experienced MEGA Learning consultants are ready to deliver Fundamentals of finance for you.

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If you want to learn more about Fundamentals of Finance or integrate one of our simulations as a red thread to dynamise your courses, please contact BenoƮt Calicis by email or by telephone +32 2 395 78 79.

An Exciting Learning Experience.

MEGA Learning business simulations provide an exciting business environment in which learning takes place experientially, through trial and error, as you seek to lead your company in a very dynamic business situation. These simulations are run during seminars of one to three days face-to-face, or during a period of six to twelve weeks remotely. Group size varies from 12 to 1000 or more participants.

The learning environment consists of professionals grouped into competing teams piloting a company. Each strategy is implemented through decisions, with each decision having its own learning purpose. Results are instantly available, allowing each team to compare and evaluate its performance and to prepare for the next round. The pace is fast, but so is the level of excitement and learning.

A large variety of off-the-shelf simulations.

As a result of its cooperation with leading edge companies and academic institutions, MEGA Learning offers a large variety of off-the-shelf business simulations, with unique features and characteristics that replicate particular business or industrial business models:

  • Human Capital Challenge
  • Automotive
  • Finance in Action
  • Retail Banking
  • Strategy in Action
  • Telecom
  • Customer Intimacy
  • Healthcare
  • Customer value Challenge
  • SaaS
  • Global Leadership (Executives)
  • Conquering the Chaos (Executives)

A user friendly training to get started.

MEGA Learning provides "Train The Trainers" sessions for the MEGA Learning consultants and faculties that encompass:

  • A detailed user's manual with PowerPoint presentations between the decisions
  • 2 days face-to-face with 2 facilitators
  • 6 decisions on-line during 6 weeks with on-line support
  • Outstanding tools (Excel and on-line) to analyze the results and ask the students the right questions
  • Graphic presentations to explain the results, summarize the learning and declare the winners (and the winners of the winners).
  • 1 day of Q&A before running the first simulation

Incorporating your learning needs in your specific business environment.

Together with our clients we co-create the most cost-effective learning solution incorporating their learning needs in their specific business environment. During our 25 years of experience, we have worked with the top management and the best professors of leading global companies and academic institutions.

29 tailor-made simulations
The 29 tailor-made simulations developed for them have been great learning successes, often for more than ten years. It allows us to design and deliver leading-edge programs where we combine business experience and academic concepts. To take only the last five years, we have completed customized simulations for industries such as car manufacturing, mobile phone, retail banking, SaaS (Software as a Service). We have also developed a hospital and a human capital simulation with some of the best academic institutions in the world.


Ram Charan.

Different levels of complexities.

Having in mind the Leadership Pipeline described by Ram Charan, we have developed simulations of different levels of complexities and learning content, to meet the specific needs of managers, as they evolve in their career and responsibilities. Such an approach is ideal for corporate universities.


MBTI Session.

Team Learning and Soft Skills.

In all our programs, decisions are taken in teams. This is a unique opportunity to practice multiple soft skills such as: decision profiles using MBTI, Belbin or TMS, dialogue and communication, problem solving, decision-making, delegation and coaching.

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