The Competitive Advantage

Interact as a team running a multi-product corporation with a general manager’s eye and be the decision-makers in a highly competitive environment! For middle and high-potential managers willing to do the right things right.

The Competitive Advantage


Optimize a four-product portfolio, creating a sustainable competitive advantage based on product differentiation, cost and perceived customer value​


Allocate corporate resources based on competitive analysis by understanding your markets, customers, R&D, marketing and finance cost structure​


Design the best information system to implement your long-range business plan. Build up your team’s decision-making power and become the leader in your markets​
Real-life takeaway

Learn about the power of a well thought-out strategy that matches your customer segments and that leverages your competitive advantages!

check our clients experience
  • “A vision without a strategy remains an illusion. Hopefully, after 2 decisions, we found the winning strategy”

    Lee Bossman | Product Manager - PPG Industries

  • “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” said Michael Porter. By focusing on high growth businesses, we won the game!

    Michael Vergnes | Business Unit Manager - Akzo Nobel

  • “I could not believe how TCA was close to my day-to-day business challenges”

    Robert Silex | Senior Managing Director - Nexans.

the competitive advantage
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