Business simulation facilitator

What is a business simulation?

As defined on our blog, a business simulation is a type of game that aims at teaching business concepts to players, who are organized in teams.

This type of game is decision-based, time-constrained and sequenced over multiple rounds. The game is flexible and can be played over a day, a week or even months, based on your own agenda requirements.

Benefits of business simulations for learners include increased engagement, hands-on application of theoretical concept, learning by doing and therefore long-term knowledge retention.

Oh, and it’s fun to play and to facilitate!

Which themes do our simulations cover?

Although all our games deal with strategy and resources allocation, the themes they focus on vary from healthcare management to business finance.

We also developed games emphasizing the role of the human capital, and some focusing on building a value proposition.


The Competitive Advantage – optimize your 4-product portfolio, identify and nurture your competitive advantage(s) to become the leader on the market.

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The Human Capital Challenge – align your HR policy with your business vision. Focus on human capital as a source of value creation. Developed with HEC Paris.

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Fundamentals of Finance – take control of your KPIs, grow your business and implement your strategic vision with financial sanity in mind.​

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The Customer Value Challenge – define your value proposition, build a supporting value architecture and optimize your profit equation. Business modelling at its best.

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Customized Solutions

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How to integrate business simulations into the learning journey?

Business facilitations are best played in academic courses, corporate seminars and executive education environments.

If you are curious about how much support you can receive when integrating our solutions, you can read more on our blog.

We can also schedule a call to discuss your needs and your constraints, so you can make the most of our business games considering your teaching requirements.