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As a trainer or a leadership consultant, using innovative tools helps you make a difference. Join a network of professionals who believe in the gamification of academic and corporate education and become a certified MEGA Learning facilitator.

Success stories

  • Fifteen years, this is how long we have been partnering with MCE – Management Center Europe – so far. A key strength of this collaboration is the integration of our simulations in both open and in-company programs, mostly targeted at managers and higher executives. Nothing generates more retention than applying freshly taught business frameworks to a concrete case!

    Find out more about MCE and their flagship program ‘5-day mini MBA’

  • Denmark-based Business Learning – run by Aron Schmahl – is one of these partnerships we have been talking a lot about since we first collaborated back in 2009. Leadership, strategy, project management and innovation are some of the numerous areas that define Business Learning’s scope of training options. As a simulation developer, we have provided Aron with our solutions on many in-company programs and since recently on ‘The Executive Challenge’, a creative, half-day short training concept.​

    Check out for more info on their website

  • Mounir Chaouki is a key business partner for MEGA Learning as he is both a facilitator and a training consultant operating in Morocco, French-speaking Africa and France – addressing both company and university needs. His company Connectit covers a scope of topics ranging from Education to IT and Telecom.

    Make sure to visit their page to find out more about them.

  • Our partner YouTry is a leadership consultancy based in Shenzhen, China (PRC). Leveraging mostly our human capital and marketing-related simulations, they are quickly expanding nationally by providing a balance of leadership trainings supported by our relevant, experience-based solutions. Seeking to organize an in-company training in China?

    Go check out their page for more information.

  • Thanks to our interactions with Nyenrode Business School, a partnership with Frans Pigeaud was created. As a growth strategy and marketing expert, Frans is our go-to partner when it comes to exploring new opportunities in the Netherlands in the training sector.

    More details about him and Pi Consulting can be found on his page.

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